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“Weisner played faster than NASCAR speed. His left hand bounded fleetly around the fingerboard or fell into redolent lyricism. And he managed all the other treacherous sleights of hand and bow demanded by Bottesini, called ‘the Paganini of the double bass.’”
Washington Post (From a review of performance of Bottesini Bass Concerto #2 in B minor with the Eclipse Chamber Orchestra)



Recording Reviews

"Technically awe-inspiring playing"

"Jeffrey Weisner... shows his artistic vision to be one which goes far beyond showcasing the double bass as the virtuoso equivalent of other string instruments."

"I am something of a bass player myself, though on the subcontrabass flute rather than a string bass, which however has roughly the same range. With this in mind, I am always drawn towards solo repertoire and the kinds of experiment which, as Jeff Weisner points out, have completely transformed the world of double bass performance in a lifetime. Composer/bass players such as Gavin Bryars with his Double Bass Concerto and other solo explorations have helped bring the instrument out from the big bunch of woodwork to one side of the orchestra. This entirely solo recording by Weisner will do no harm in this regard either..." Read the full review